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World Ready

Branded Content

Research / Scriptwriting / Production

Since 1987, Kathmandu has been engineering outdoor gear for adventures all over the world. Previously, the company used retail advertising to move product and had lost sight of what the brand stands for. It’s not about beautiful models travelling to idyllic locations, but rather it’s real people going on real adventures -the trial and tribulations, the blood, the sweat, the tears, the getting lost and found again, the life lessons and the personal growth that can be achieved by overcoming those obstacles.

Man in Your Head video production contracted HYPE to research and uncover four real customer stories, interview them to find out their motivations for going on their adventure. Their purpose formed the narrative, showing the real value of travel and adventure, and how it can transform the way you see the world.

Mark and Hana

Bikepackers, New Zealand

Mark and Hana are cycling the entire length of the Americas – from the top of Alaska down to the southern tip of Argentina. In two years they’ve covered 45,000km and have discovered incredible cultures and locations.

Caroline Bellamy

Artist, New Zealand

Caroline is an artist who gets her inspiration from her tramps in nature. She captures NZ’s most epic landscapes through photos and sketches to create incredible oil impressions of her experience- seeing New Zealand from a different perspective.

The Lorrimers

Family of five, Australia

Justin and Bec Lorrimer sold their home in 2015, piled their three kids in a camper van and have been doing the ‘Big Lap’ around Australia ever since. While six-year-old Jack is home-schooled on the road, he’s also learning invaluable lessons in the real world.

Chhiring Sherpa

Nepali Expedition Guide, Nepal

Chhiring Sherpa prepares people for the most epic adventures of their lives. He summits incredible peaks, ensures the safety of his groups and respects the places they visit. The mountains hold a special, spiritual place in Chhiring’s heart – preparation and understanding is key.